Check November Horoscope 2022

November horoscope for all zodiac signs is here! Find out how the month will treat you! As November arrives, it brings with it a change in the air, a skip in your step, and ample opportunities for a new day and new beginning. As the second last month of the year adorns our calendars, the world waits with bated breaths for the horoscope 2022. 

November signifies the entry of Mercury into Scorpio, Jupiter’s retrograde, and the rising of Venus into Gemini. The movement of planets will change for all zodiac signs, your temperament, your response to the curveballs life throws at you, and your thought process too! Keep reading to find out your complete November monthly horoscope


Remain alert and careful throughout the month. Mars is retrograding into your third house. But the cluster of planets in your November horoscope affecting your houses does not indicate an easy month for you. Saturn’s placement in your house of career symbolizes personal as well as professional developments in and around. 13th of November will bring with it financial gains.

  • Mercury’s movement into Scorpio will provide you with an upper hand.
  • Your financial matters will improve but you will need to remain cautious. 


The Bulls will have a supportive November. Keeping in mind your November horoscope, Venus’ association with combust Mercury and debilitated Sun till 11th November symbolizes a beneficial TeenGrahee Yog. Luck will be on your side and Jupiter’s retrograde in your income house indicates improvement in money matters and financial condition. The transit of retrograde Mars into your sign might create financial complications. We will advise you to stay careful during the second half of the month.

 According to your November horoscope, Mercury’s transit to your seventh house indicates an improvement in your situation. Your ventures might bring you fruitful results. Jupiter’s movement on the 24th of the month indicates

  • Well-deserved results of your hard work and an increase in your social connections along with your status.
  • The 25th of November will bring about a positive turn of events according to your November Horoscope


According to your November Horoscope, Mercury’s combust condition signifies a fall-out. Your comfort will decrease and you will need to be very cautious while making any kind of decision. Combust Venus, combust Mercury, debilitated Sun and Ketu signify improvement of knowledge, skills, and status. In the second half of the month, your struggles will decrease and you will be at an advantage. 

  • Any issues that you face professionally will get solved. From the 25th of the month, you will have a happier month.
  • Your November horoscope shows that you will also have an upper hand so stay patient during the first half of the month.


According to your November horoscope, till the 13th of the month, Mars – the Lord of your talent house, will be retrograding into Gemini. This indicates foreign connections and profitable returns. You have already had a few good business deals and this month you will dare to take the next step. Be careful and keep your mind open to all opportunities equally. 

Mercury’s transit into Scorpio in your November horoscope symbolizes profits and gains from your ventures. Your financial matters will undoubtedly improve. Your familial relationships will grow deeper. Venus’ movement from the 25th of the month will bring you depth in relationships and renewed emotional bonds.

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  • An encouraging environment will develop for you for the rest of the month as opposed to the rest of the zodiac signs.
  • Rahu’s presence in your career house indicates danger from dual characters in your professional space. Enjoy but stay alert, dear Crab! 


The Sun’s transition to your third house of efforts symbolizes well-deserved results of the hard work you have done. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in the Scorpio sign will create a TeenGrahee in the second half of the month according to your November horoscope 2022. These planets will help you work hard and prosper. You are very ambitious and for the rest of the month, you will not look back! Marching forward with a fiery passion, your November horoscope says that the 11th of the month will bring improved financial conditions. 

Expand your network and talk to people who will encourage you to grow. Further qualifications may become necessary for you.

  • The Sun’s movement into your house of properties symbolizes a limit to your resources. Take property-related decisions carefully.
  • From the 25th of the month, you will find new opportunities knocking on your door! Seize the day, Leo! 


Venus creates an auspicious Yog for you this November. The time is highly opportune. You should start seizing all the opportunities that you get. Take advantage of this time and move forward. Your familial relationships will improve and you will be suitably rewarded for the hard work you have done in the past. 

According to your November horoscope, Jupiter’s movement on the 24th of this month signifies prosperity. Remember, you will only prosper if you focus more on your creative side and think up innovative ideas. Venus’ movement from the 25th will push you into a state of euphoria. Your social reputation will improve and become more powerful. 

  • You will be able to showcase your talents on the appropriate platform both in your personal and professional life.
  • Your November horoscope says that the month will be very kind to you Virgo, make sure you live to your fullest! 


Your November horoscope tells us that Venus’ presence till the 11th of the month will make you work harder than ever. But the good news is this will also provide you with concrete results! Your financial situation will remain good and you will feel quite stable. Mercury rules your house of expenditures and thus its movement in your twelfth house will symbolize a fruitful turn of events. 

As the tides turn in your favor, November also symbolizes a change in your mindset and approach. According to your November horoscope 2022, on the 16th of the month, the Sun’s movement will bring about a new mindset in your life. You will take a newer, better approach to the situations you face daily. Saturn’s presence in your house or properties symbolizes large returns in the property sector.

  • Your projects and proposals will move forward in a positive direction
  • From 25th November your relationships will improve and as a result, decrease your stress. 


Spending more than you are earning is never a good idea. Cohering to your November horoscope, your wish lists and carts must wait. Mercury is in a combust condition and will inevitably give you some money issues. Be extra careful when it comes to expenses. 

The lord of your sign – Mars will be retrograding in Gemini sign till the 13th of November. Avoid being over-confident. A full moon on the 8th of the month will bring about a strong torrent of emotions. We will advise you to broaden your horizons, emotionally. Be more empathetic and understanding. According to your November horoscope, on the 16th of the month, the Sun will enter your sign to join Mercury and Venus. This will make you more career-oriented and focused when compared to all other zodiac signs.

  • Saturn in your third house will be beneficial while turning all of your mental investment and hard work into concrete results.
  • You will be filled with vigor, but remember to be patient Scorpio. 


November will have a fair share of good and bad for you, dear Sagittarius. The limelight will remain on you. But remember, the limelight is also where one might commit mistakes that stay in the minds of everyone around forever. 

According to your November horoscope, the full moon on the 8th will occur in Taurus and will bring with it a need for personal independence and space which in turn might upset a romantic partner. On the 13th of the month, Mars will retrograde into Taurus, your sixth house of struggles. This will minimize your worries. But your November horoscope says that all is not well yet, Sun will join your house of expenses with combust Mercury and Venus to add financial pressure after the 16th of the month. However,

  • This will change on 24th November, when Jupiter will move to your house of comfort.
  • It will usher in support of all kinds into your life


Till the 11th of the month, auspicious Venus will remain in your tenth house of professional career. This indicates the arrival of some good news from your network or connections. Jupiter will move into your third house of efforts on the 24th. This symbolizes a surprisingly successful turn of events contrasting with the situation of the rest of the zodiac signs. 

The sun will emerge from debilitation on the 16th and bring you new opportunities and possibilities for earning money by working hard on your talents.

  • Financially, you might move on to a better place and your November horoscope says that it’ll be a good month to reconnect with your old friends! 


November will be full of reflection and retrospection for the water-bearer. You will find questions about your identity and relationships surfacing again and again in your mind

  • You would do well to remember that power struggles are futile and stubbornness never yields long-term results. 

Under your November horoscope, the presence of Saturn in your twelfth house – the house of expenditures, signifies the absence of financial instability. The stress might completely overwhelm you but the other half of the month promises financial security. 

On the 13th of the month, you can expect things to take a brighter turn. Keep your mind open and don’t let opportunities of mingling in society lightly. Let your hair down and enjoy it a little. Your social reputation might increase if you play your cards correctly according to your November horoscope.

  • Positivity and an assertive attitude can take you a long way! 


Overconfidence is yet another ingredient in the recipe for failure, fellow Piscean. Your November horoscope shows that Mars’ movement into your house of courage after the 13th of the month signifies brash decisions. Make sure you avoid being over-confident to save yourself from embarrassing situations. On the 24th of November, situations will take a positive turn for you. 

Mars’ movement will help you bag concrete results as it will have a positive impact on your ninth house and tenth house of luck and career respectively as per your November Horoscope. The Sun will join Mercury and Venus to create TeenGrahee Yog in your house of luck. You might get some good news through a senior authority but remember to remain honest! 

November will play out differently for all zodiac signs. Need to get more details about your November monthly horoscope? Or do you need some more astrological advice to avoid negativity? Call us without any hesitation to get personalized predictions and tips according to your November horoscope!

What is the role and importance of planets in astrology?

The notions of Astrology are built on the positioning of 9 planets & their fleeting states. This is something that can surely be verified with the help of the best jyotishi in Noida. The positioning & placements of planets in the horoscope of an individual affects several aspects of the life of an individual, which includes:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Love life
  • Health
  • Spiritual inclination
  • Luck

And so much more!

The placement, when suitable, develops an aura around the individual helps him to have the best & gain a lot of positivity. Therefore, these 9 planets are so important in understanding the link between the several events happening in an individual’s life & the placement of planets at that moment. 

Here the 9 planets’ roles & importance you must know before searching for the best jyotishi in Noida.


Sun is the ruler of the planets in Vedic astrology, also known as the ‘Father of Stars.’ He is also viewed as one of the prominent deities of Hindus. Bhaskar, Surya, Ravi, & Arun are some renowned names of lord Sun. He is the beneficial planet in astrology yet can become malefic in case it occupies any adverse position in the horoscope.

Prosperous placement of the Sun in an individual’s horoscope brings power & fame in all fields, including the area of occupation. It has the strength to grant grand political power. Unfavorable placement might make an individual arrogant.


The moon influences us much greater than any of the 9 planets as it is much closure to earth. The effect is very intimate, very personal. While the Sun offers us our spirit, it is the Moon that offers us our soul.

The Moon is known as the queen of the solar system & it naturally beneficial & is capable of providing high mental power & prosperity. The moon talks to the women in an individual’s life & their role as a childminder. Moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer, which is one of the watery signs.


Mars symbolizes power in the Zodiac. The Mars sign specifies what you desire & how you convey that desire. This Planet orders you to rise, be noticed & get stuff done, etc. Ambition & competition are as well under Mars’s realm. Moreover, Mars rule the power & confident expression of the person. Mars is the ruling planet of star signs Scorpio & Aries.


Intellectual, Convertible, Ingenious, Mutable, Feminine, & Dualistic, ‘Planet Mercury’ is very close to the Sun & one of the 4 terrestrial as well as inner planets in the star system.

It is both a beneficial & malefic planet by its very nature depending on its occupied home in one’s zodiac sign or horoscope & link with other planets. The planet Mercury is dual & governs 2 zodiac signs: Virgo & Gemini.

Body parts that are governed by Mercury are the ears, lungs, arms, ear, & nervous system. “Sharat Rithu,” “Atharvanan Veda,” & the “color green” are also ruled by this planet.


Jupiter impacts the thinking capacity of an individual. In astrology, it governs good luck & good cheer, wealth, health, happiness, optimism, joy, & success. It’s a symbol of opportunity & always opens the path for new chances in life. Jupiter is the depreciation of limitation & the emphasis on spirituality & ability.

While our accomplishments, prosperity, & success are all under Jupiter’s realm, its adverse impact can worsen into laziness & sloth. It governs the zodiac signs Pisces & Sagittarius belonging to watery & fire elements, respectively.


Venus is known as the brightest planet in the horoscope. Venus is a womanly planet deemed to be the Goddess of every worldly comfort & chief governor of a wedding in men’s chart. Women & Men ruled by Venus are considerably kind & social. When distressed, Venus creates unsatisfactory domestic situations, anxiety in love, & difficulty with companions through resources.

Venus governs the vehicles. Not only that, it is a soft & polite planet that is a friend with Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, & enemy with Sun, Mars, & Moon. Its Vimshottari Dasha is twenty years & constellations are Purva Phalguni, Bharani, & Purvashadha. It’s lofty in Pisces & debilitated in Virgo.


Shani is the menial in astrology. He portrays sorrow, hard work, servants, old men, & lower-level workers, individuals in the steel & iron industry, municipality & drainage work. A well-placed Saturn might bestow great power, name, prestige, & fame & a badly positioned Saturn might devastate you.

Saturn is the sluggish of the 9 planets & takes nearly 2-1/2 years to pass a sign & completes the circle of the zodiac in thirty years. Saturn is the Udyoga karaka or planet linked with a profession.

8-North Node

This God is known as “Rahu,” resembles Mercury mainly but still differs in traits.

This planet is pretty influential & powerful. Its positioning decides the growth or downfall of an individual. It is also known as “dragon’s head.” Rahu governs the star sign Gemini.

9-South Node

Also known as “Ketu,” which as well means Comet. It is portrayed as having a tail of a snake & an ovular body, as shown in Hindu mythology.

Ketu’s positioning defines the growth or downfall of an individual. It rules the star sign Sagittarius.


Now we know how Planets have a direct effect on us, despite being countless miles away. Whereas the position of planets doesn’t dictate our day-to-day actions, it does have an intense & close impact on our life as well as destiny

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