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FREE Kundali check on PHONE

Teleastro is a simple and convenient place where you can talk to your private
astrologer. Call us and your private astrologer will address your concern to suggest remedies as per your needs. In this process, you will be asked a few questions and based on that, the effective astrological remedies are recommended to you.

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    • Daily Horoscope Dose

    • Wondering what your zodiac sign tells about your day to day life? Does your star align the right way to make your life better? At Teleastro, find out your comprehensive daily dose of horoscope predictions provided by the leading astrologers with experience in the field. Get 100 percent satisfactory predictions for your horoscope!
  • Planetary Horoscopic Transitions

  • At Teleastro, we provide you access to full-fledged and comprehensive guidance into the horoscopical and planetary transitions as well as their consecutive impact on the life of a person. Get to know how the planets modify or impact your daily behavior in terms of astrological impact. We also suggest remedial measures to help you get the best of your planetary horoscope.
  • Love, Marriage, and Career

  • Are you wondering when you are about to tie a knot with someone you love? Or are you bothered about your career scope? With Teleastro, we decode the mystery behind halted marriages or stuck-up love. We also help you find out the right solutions for your gloomy and bleak career situations provided to you by renowned astrologers.
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Get Your Kundali Online from Your Personal Astrologer

Teleastro is your one-step destination for knowing your Kundali online. You can easily get free online astrology consultation here. We bring you the convenience and ease of Kundali check online so that you can know your future. Our experienced astrologers are here to find the best solution for you.

Online Kundali Check

Teleastro offers free online Kundali check where you can get instant Kundali results. Using our website is easy, where you have to fill out the details and your Kundali will be ready in just few minutes. We offer custom-made solution that can easily fit your needs. We don’t speculate or guess, we use the information you provide to create Kundali that are accurate based on the Indian Astrology.


Explore your destiny with our free astrology horoscope and get solutions for life. Ask astrologer online and get astrology on phone and know your lucky number through Numerology for business opportunities, career solutions, success and also know your celtic sign through Chinese Astrology and love compatibility


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    Know About Teleastro

    Most of us probably do not think much about ASTROLOGY unless we are consuming it ourselves, but Astrology has been making invaluable contributions to modern life for many centuries.

    You may not care about it, you may not consume it yourself or you may be opposed to it but ASTROLOGY has almost certainly made your life a little bit EASIER. Cheers!


    We make predictions using the astrology science to generate new astrological information that you don’t have, WITH the information you a ALREADY have.

    Get Horoscope Matching by Date of Birth

    Need Online horoscope Matching ? Your personal astrologer will make sure that you get the most accurate horoscope for you. Our highly experienced and expert astrologers will prepare the horoscope for you. You can call us and get connected with your private astrologer to know your future. You will be recommended remedies as per your situation. We don’t speculate, we provide accurate information based on the information you provide us.

    Free Online Astrology Consultation

    You can get free online astrology consultation at Teleastro. Our 24 hours service is designed to provide an easy solution for astrology and Kundali. Call us at +918510001514 and get free online astrology consultation with Teleastro. We provide customized solution based on the information you provide us. Signup and get 120 days of free astrology and enjoy the amazing benefits.

    यदि आपके बताए हुए उपाए कुछ समय बाद EFFECTIVE न हुए तो क्या हमे दुबारा से उपाए करवाने पड़ेंगे?

    teleASTRO की हमेशा कोशिश है, आपके हर doubt को दूर करने की, for that your Private Astrologers will assess the effectiveness of the remedial measures taken by you for next 120 days as an extended support और उसके अनुसार आपको आगे भी guide करते रहेंगे|

    TELEASTRO मेरी PROBLEM SOLVE करने में कैसे मदद कर सकता है?

    teleASTRO एक strong process पर based है, आपकी दी हुई जानकारी द्वारा एक सीनियर ज्योतिषी / Expert Astrologer आपकी कुंडली analysis करते हैं और आपके subject matter पर उचित उपाय देतें हैं|