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Benefits Of Astrology: Applying It To All Aspects Of Life

Astrology has been around since time immemorial. Although many scientists and folks still disbelieve it, astrology does work. Often referred to as a “pseudo-science”, astrology is a concept that has been moulded and honed after centuries and centuries of observations. A comet crossing the astrological field of Earth was often considered an ill omen. A visit from wayward comets often coincided with death, plague, economic crisis and destruction of both life and property. People soon learnt to observe the cosmic elements high above in the sky and their influence on our mortal lives. This is how astrology was born. But how does astrology work? What is the significance of astrology in life? How can one apply it to all other aspects of life? Read the full article to know!

Importance Of Astrology In Life

Derived from the two Greek words “astra” meaning star and “logos” meaning logic or reason, astrology is a divine practice that has been observing the influences of various cosmic elements on our lives. Just like the different phases of the moon and rotation can cause high tides, they can have an impact on our body and mind too. Astrology discerns how the movement of the stars and planets can actually influence you and your decisions. Astrology is and should be included in the various aspects of life. Vedic Astrology includes 12 zodiac signs with different elements such as fire, water, earth and air. The horoscope of a person includes 12 houses that govern an individual’s attitude; behavior, personality, ethics, daily routines, environment, communication, siblings, friends, home, family roots, romance, relationships, health, intimacy, travel, career and more. All aspects revolving around a person’s life are included in horoscopes. Astrology also delves deeper into each such aspect and provides solutions for those facing problems.

Below mentioned are a few advantages of astrology that apply to all the aspects of our life:-

i) Hit When The Iron Is Hot

Golden opportunities rarely ever make an entrance. When they do, it is important to know how to nail it. Astrology helps you hit when the iron is hot i.e., it helps you prepare properly and grab the limelight only when it’s opportune.

ii) For The Perfect Fairytale

Astrology observes the behaviour and personality of individuals. In doing so, it also finds out more about the compatibility between two specific signs. For instance, if one partner has a stubborn sign, the other sign must be compromising. Astrology finds out more about your compatibility by taking into account your history, behavior patterns, decision-making skills and chemistry.

iii) To Make Challenges A Little Bit Less Challenging

It’s no secret that life is full of challenges, but to tackle these challenges you don’t just need a specific set of skills, you also require a bit of luck on your side. Astrology helps you find solutions to the problems you are facing by finding out more about the core issue in your horoscope. Sometimes, the malefic influence of a planet can also bring bad luck which no amount of hard work and sincerity will be able to restrict.

iv) Financial Stability & Planning

Astrology helps you become financially stable by providing you with solutions to usher in wealth and prosperity. A malefic planet’s influence could be a sign of money issues, debt problems, issues with repayment of loans and more. Astrology provides you with solutions for such influences and also helps you save money during tough times.
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