Significance of Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Horoscope matching for marriage is an important part to begin any wedding ritual. There needs to be a comprehensive set of rules that goes along with this. As a result, one needs to get it done by an expert. Marriage is the most precious event in any person’s life. 

Everyone desires a good spouse with whom he or she can share beautiful memories and be content. This is the place in which a person’s true happiness is found. People today are particularly interested in choosing the appropriate lifemate in India, where marriage is a very significant factor. Both the boy’s and girl’s horoscopes, or kundalis, are matched in order to negate any negative repercussions after marriage.

Kundali Matching for Marriage

For generations, kundali matching for marriage has been acknowledged as one of the most vital aspects of Indian marriages. Although many modernists downplay the usefulness of this process, astrology presents evidence that horoscope matching is a critical step before marrying someone, especially in love marriages.

It has also been a determining factor in forming a relationship with another person. The logic behind this has always been to evaluate the couple’s compatibility. The two individuals in an arranged marriage haven’t spent enough time together to get to know one other properly. After their marriage, the two people will spend the rest of their lives together, therefore it’s vital to evaluate if they’re a good match. Even if the couple had not known each other for a long time before marriage, matching their Kundalis can provide a happy and successful married life.

Kundali matching is popularly known as Gun Milan. It generally refers to studying and analyzing a person’s 36 Gunas. Gunas are a person’s quality and attributes. If 36 Gunas match in two people, their union is said to be the perfect match. It is an auspicious factor in Horoscope matching for marriages.

The horoscope matching has 8 categories. These categories are known as Koots. This term is also referred to as Ashtakoot Milan. Wherein, Ashta means eight, Koot means categories and Milan refers to matching. These 8 categories constitute 36 Gunas to match the compatibility of two persons. 

The 8 Koots are as follows:

I- Varna

This category is related to varna or jati, which means the caste of the two people. This holds one score point for matching the 36 gunas of the kundalis

II- Vashya

This koot refers to the influence partners have on each other in their marital relationship. 

III- Dina

Dina koot is referred to as the compatibility of the birth stars of the partners. This is also known as the Tara Koot.

IV- Yoni

The Yoni Koot calculates the physical connection between both partners. This is to ensure a happy and stable relationship.

VI- Maitri

Trust, Loyalty, communication clarity and friendship are some of the most important aspects of any successful relationship. The Maitri category defines all these factors and the compatibility of the two partners.

VII- Gana

The Gana Koot defines the nature and personality of the person. It’s important to have maximum compatibility in this category to avoid any kind of interference or disturbance in marital life.

VIII- Bhakoot

Bhakoot refers to the financial compatibility of both partners. One of the most important koot, that can lead to major disturbances between them, if not matched.

Matching of all the 36 Gunas in every couple might not possible. Get your kundalis checked to avoid possibilities of any marital dispute in the near future. 

Mangal Dosha is a well-known term, which generally translates to having issues in the kundalis of either partner. This aspect should be strictly taken into consideration. Because if you ignore mangal dosha, you will end up in an unhappy marriage. There are chances of serious conflicts arising in marital life. You can consult with best Astrologer in Noida

There are solutions available for this. Consult your trusted private astrologer to get possible solutions to this. 

Online Horoscope Matching

In today’s technologically advanced world and busy schedules, conducting personal Horoscope matching sessions might be an issue. But one cannot proceed with an auspicious event like a wedding, without matching the kundalis. So, here’s a solution! Online Horoscope Matching Sessions.

You can have your kundalis matched online on secure and result-oriented websites. Once you get them matched, get an online astrological consultation. Remember to get them through a trusted and experienced astrologer. There are sites that provide free kundali matches done with expert advice. Get tailor-made solutions to any dosha or interruptions in the kundalis. 

Marriage is a beautiful union of two souls. Having your kundalis matched will help you lead a stable, happy, and healthy marital life. Contact the most trusted private astrologer to help you with any issues in your kundali matching. 

Get your free kundali check TODAY!

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How Can Astrology Help You Get Rid Of Bad Fortune?

Bad fortune like most miseries doesn’t announce its arrival. When it finally departs it still leaves you reeling with negativity. Another thing about bad fortune is that it rarely comes alone. It brings bad energy, unnecessary chaos, and a lot of negativity with it. Read on to find out how astrology can help you get rid of such bad fortune.

Bad fortune has a very negative impact on an individual’s mental and physical health. This makes bad fortune even more vicious. And it doesn’t just affect a single person. It affects the lives of the people in their family, their friends, their partners, and their children. When any of the planets in your horoscope have weak placements they can bring in misfortune. In case the moon is weak in your horoscope or is getting negatively aspected by a malefic planet in your Kundli you will face downfalls everywhere. It will also destroy your mental peace and give way to an unstable mental environment. Get Consultation with Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

What Is a Weak Moon In Astrology?

A weak moon in astrology refers to the weak or debilitated placement of the moon in a Kundli. Although a lot of diseases can be attributed to the unhealthy living style of people, some individuals with bad fortune or weak moons might find themselves falling sick for no reason at all. Even doctors do not find any reason for the sickness. In such situations, It’s usually the weak placements or Mahadasha affecting them and their health badly. If Rahu and Ketu exert strong influences on your horoscope then your moon can weaken even more leading to mental illnesses, insomnia and restlessness. Moon also becomes weak if you have insulted your mother, your ancestors, or haven’t performed shraddha. Moon usually represents the relationship with your mother. Forgery or family disputes can also weaken your moon.

It is believed that the moon is in control of the way we think, the way we work, and what we feel. The moon also affects an individual’s creativity, intuitions, imagination, and sensory power. People with a weak moon in their Kundli find it difficult to concentrate on one thing often leading to poor results in education, career, business, and jobs. Due to the inauspicious placement of the moon, you can be more susceptible to diseases like insomnia, asthma, heart, and lung related diseases, diarrhea, anemia, hemorrhage, disorders in the left eye, deficiency diseases, diabetes, phlegm diseases, appendicitis, jaundice, nasal diseases and urethritis along with mental diseases and extreme mood swings. A weak moon also makes you speak without thinking. You will probably be very bitter with almost everyone you talk to and alienate yourself. Get Free Astrology Consultation On Phone

How To Make Moon Strong In Astrology?

To make the moon strong in your Kundli or horoscope you will have to perform the following tasks for remedy –

  • Sleep in a region in your home that gets ample moonlight at night.
  • Use itra or perfume of jasmine after taking a shower daily.
  • Wear pearl gemstone at an auspicious time after it has been blessed.
  • Install Chandra Yantra in your home.
  • Take a dip in a reservoir or holy river.
  • Chant Durga Saptashati Path.
  • Establish Parad Shivling in-home and worship it regularly to negate the effects of a weak moon in Kundli.
  • Adopt pets and feed them daily
  • As a remedy, donate milk and refrain from consuming it on all Mondays.
  • To give your restless mind some peace try meditation and yoga.
  • Offer milk to Shiva Linga and make sure you worship him by chanting Shiva Chalisa.
  • Wear white-colored clothes every Sunday and Monday.

What To Do If Horoscope Is Bad?

Leading astrologists dismiss the idea of a horoscope being inherently bad. Every horoscope or Kundli is a mixture of both good and bad elements. What a person does with said elements depends on him/her. At the end of the day, it is a person’s karma that determines the life they will lead. Having said that, the influences of past life and the present environment too have a role to play. People can of course opt for remedies based on the planets negatively affecting their horoscope. For instance, individuals with a weak placement of Sun in their Kundli will have to do Surya Namaskar daily and worship Lord Vishnu while individuals with a poor placement of Mars in their charts should fast on Tuesdays and pray to Lord Ganesha.

Effects of poor placements in a person’s Kundli can be improved by following some remedies but at the end of the day, the person still has a fair share of power in their destiny. By doing karma, being kind to humans and animals alike, and praying sincerely a person can negate some effects of bad fortune. Check Online Horoscope Matching

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