Horoscope 2022: What’s in it for your Zodiac sign?

And the year is finally coming to an end! With the way year 2021 shaped more devastating than the previous year, everyone is looking forward to the year 2022 with hopeful eyes. This year has proved to be a nightmare with the hazardous second wave and returning of new Covid-19 variants. So, should you be hopeful of the year 2022? What’s in store for your sign?

Our expert team of best astrologers in Delhi NCR, put in all their vedic astrology knowledge to curate predictions based on the planet movements and stars for you.

Let’s know how your 2022 will turn out to be!

Times change with the changing years. Nothing will remain the same. Year 2021 gave us fear and put us all in a constant state of self-doubt and failure. The prime reason for this was mercury being in retrograde towards the end of September 2021. Did you feel stuck in your daily life? Now you know why!

But will this continue in 2022?

There are predictions of Venus retrograde in the first month of 2022 but it will soon move. 2022 will see a new beginning in this era of distress. Get ready to clip off the strings of any toxic relationships around you! 2022 is here to help you.

Mercury might make a comeback into the retrograde. Note down these dates! From January 14 to February 3 2022, Mercury will be retrograde. Then it will be back to retrograde from May 10 to June 3, September 9 to October 2 and lastly from December 29 to January 18, 2023. Keep a track of the dates and practice all the suggestions provided by astrologers. Make sure to give yourself some extra self care. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into toxic situations.

This Horoscope Matching For Marriage 2022 will give you a comprehensive idea of all aspects of your life. Love, marriage, career, finance, family and everything you need to know with respect to your zodiac signs.

Aries Horoscope 2022

Some past baggage might get carried on to the new year. You might feel stuck financially with Venus in retrograde. But as soon as Venus moves, get ready to embrace abundance and prosperity. The mercury retrograde will bring a new change in your life. 2022 will be a year of amazing surprises with regards to love, wealth and success.

Taurus Horoscope 2022

Your sign might start off slow with Venus retrograde but it will just get better as it goes. Get a pen and paper to list out all your goals. Start working on them immediately. Your long due debts will clear out slowly but steadily. 2022 has abundant wealth in store for you.

Gemini Horoscope 2022

With Mercury in retrograde for four times the whole year, it might be stressful. But your financial outlook will grow. Get ready to embrace sudden gains and prosperity. 2022 will open up new possibilities for you to chase your goals. Look out for any possible health conditions and take good care of yourself.

Cancer Horoscope 2022

2022 can be a year of new beginnings for you. There will be many new opportunities and challenges ahead in your personal life. Watch out for changes in your professional life too. Take immense care of all the aspects and plan ahead. You will be able to accomplish many of your financial goals but with extra hard work.

Leo Horoscope 2022

This year will be a great beginning for all your dreams. You will achieve many of your aspirational goals. Remember to take good decisions with regards to investment. You will enjoy a year of sound financial condition. Don’t rush any important decision, keep some patience and you will see great results.

Virgo Horoscope 2022

Get ready for a year of strong financial stability. You will see immense gains throughout. Helping others has always been your intuition but make sure to take some time off for yourself. There might be some downhills with regards to your health. Take good care of your health. Trust your gut while making important decisions.

Libra Horoscope 2022

2022 will be a year of experimentation and challenges. Embrace every opportunity that comes your way. You love to stand out and are known for your unique ideologies. Be cautious about your financial decisions. Make a proper budget plan for the year.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022

This year will require you to focus on your physical and mental health. It might turn out to be chaotic. Financially, it will be a smooth ride for you. Watch out for certain risky expenditures. Don’t participate in bigger financial commitments. 2022 can bring in many ups and downs, remember to keep patience and you will find some good news approaching you.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022

2022 can bring new opportunities for you. Experiment with your thoughts and ideas to bring in more success in life. Your financial conditions will improve. All your hardwork will bring in all desired results. Make sure to stay away from impulsive financial decisions.

Capricorn Horoscope 2022

Prioritize yourself the most this year. You will find new opportunities opening up for you. A year full of cheer, joy and success is waiting for you. Financially, your conditions will improve with great gains. There might be some ups and downs your way but your hardwork will prove to be your savior.

Aquarius Horoscope 2022

Your intentions to spread harmony and happiness will prove to be a great influence for others. But during this, don’t forget to prioritize yourself. Your financial conditions will improve and have great gains throughout the year. Look out for longer financial decisions. Be cautious while making important decisions.

Pisces Horoscope 2022

2022 will be your year. Most of your aspirational goals will be fulfilled. Embrace the opportunities that come your way. Your mental and physical health will be in great condition. Get ready to loosen the strings of toxic relationships. Financially, you will see a profitable year with good returns.

2022 will come bearing the torch of hope for us. It will be a rollercoaster ride for many but will leave us with beautiful memories and good profitable returns. Plan out your goals and start working on them. Contact our expert Jyotish in Delhi NCR to provide customizable solutions at Teleastro.

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