Holi 2023: Astrological Remedies to Ward Off Evil from Your Life 

The universe is most energized during Holi, according to the best astrologer in Delhi NCR. This is the time when the Moon is on the verge of two major signs, Leo and Virgo. At the same time, the Sun is on the threshold of a new Aquarius as well as Pisces. Look for solution for these symptoms from the best astrologer in Delhi NCR

According to our genuine astrologer in Delhi, Holi is scheduled to coincide with the solar and lunar cycles as defined by the Hindu Lunar and Solar Calendar. It is celebrated on two days: the first commemorates the illumination of a bonfire in honor of Holika, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu, as well as the second celebrates the victory of good over evil through the use of colors and water. 

Celebration Of Holi 

In Hinduism, forming a complete circle all around the Holika fire with your family and friends is considered auspicious. Commodities including grains, peas, wheat, as well as linseed are commonly offered to the fire. It is believed that performing Holika Puja on this blessed day will help to overcome all types of negativities and fear. Holika Puja brings good fortune, prosperity, and strength. 

At the same time, the Sun is on the verge of Aquarius as well as Pisces. This is the vernal equinox season, and Holi falls on the full moon, Phalguna Purnima. This is an ideal time to perform any rites. In everyone’s horoscope, the eighth house represents obstacles, disappointments, suffering, and sadness. It is a highly vulnerable house in astrology. It causes fear, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy in the individual. It causes anxiety and causes sharp ups and downs. As a result, performing rituals related to the planet that reigns over the eighth house of one’s natal chart is prudent. During Holika Dahan, all zodiac signs can try out the following solutions. 

Astrological Solutions For Holi Based On Zodiac Sign 

As we mentioned, Holi can mark the beginning of both obstacles and opportunities for your zodiac sign. To ensure a positive impact, make sure you stick to these solutions as per your zodiac sign – 

1. Aries:

Donate Mars-related items such as red lentils (masoor daal), fennel (saunf), and barley (jau). It is best to let go of any old bronze items in the house. Dark red is a good color to wear when playing Holi. 

2. Taurus:

Donate Jupiter-related items. Chana daal, turmeric (haldi), and honey are among the ingredients. You can donate old books that are no longer useful. White or cream is a good color to wear when playing Holi. 

3. Gemini

Items associated with Saturn, including mustard oil and black gram, should be donated (urad daal). Let go of old shoes as well as leather items as well. Green is a good color to wear when playing Holi. 

4. Cancer:

Donate Saturn-related items such as tea leaves as well as iron to Cancer. Remove any unused black clothing or blankets. White is a good color to wear when playing Holi. 

5. Leo:

Donate Jupiter-related items such as cow’s ghee or saffron to Leo. Yellow clothing and items that are no longer in use can also be disposed of. The best colors for playing Holi are orange and shades of red. 

6. Virgo:

Mars-related remedies should be used. Donate items such as batashe (Indian sweet), khand, and saffron, and get rid of old copper or red clothing. Shades of green are ideal for playing Holi. 

7. Libra:

Donate Venus-related items such as rice grains, borra (raw sugar), as well as paneer. Remove any old luxury items, such as perfumes or cosmetics. Shades of white are ideal for playing Holi. 

8. Scorpio:

Mercury-related items such as camphor as well as green chilly should be donated. Throw away old newspapers and stationery items such as pens and pencils. Shades of red are ideal for playing Holi. 

9. Sagittarius:

Donate Moon-related items including milk, rice grains, or white sweets. Also, get rid of any old shankha, silver, or sandalwood items. Yellow is a good color to wear when playing Holi. 

10. Capricorn:

Donate anything related to the Sun. Wheat grains and jaggery are examples. You can get rid of any old copper items. Blue is a good color to wear when playing Holi. 

11. Aquarius:

Mercury-related items such as whole moong as well as green fruits should be donated. Get rid of any old toys that are no longer in use. Shades of blue are ideal for playing Holi. 

12. Pisces:

Venus-related items including cotton, curd, rice, or sugar must be donated. Let go of old white garments that are no longer useful. Shades of yellow are ideal for playing Holi. 


Holi 2023 is just around the corner and it’s time to start preparing for the festivities, and that includes some astrological remedies to ward off any negative energy. A genuine astrologer in Delhi will explain some simple steps you can take to ensure a safe and happy Holi, such as lighting diyas, chanting mantras, keeping your space clean and tidy, donating clothes or food to the needy, and seeking blessings from elders. Contact the best astrologer in Delhi NCR to know more. 

You should also consider praying to Lord Ganesh on special occasions such as Holi to deflect any evil eye that may be cast upon you or your home. Make sure to consult a genuine astrologer in Delhi to fill your life with positive vibes by focusing on love, peace, patience compassion, and joy! Let’s make this Holi spectacular – happiness awaits you at every turn!