What is the role and importance of planets in astrology?

The notions of Astrology are built on the positioning of 9 planets & their fleeting states. This is something that can surely be verified with the help of the best jyotishi in Noida. The positioning & placements of planets in the horoscope of an individual affects several aspects of the life of an individual, which includes:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Love life
  • Health
  • Spiritual inclination
  • Luck

And so much more!

The placement, when suitable, develops an aura around the individual helps him to have the best & gain a lot of positivity. Therefore, these 9 planets are so important in understanding the link between the several events happening in an individual’s life & the placement of planets at that moment. 

Here the 9 planets’ roles & importance you must know before searching for the best jyotishi in Noida.


Sun is the ruler of the planets in Vedic astrology, also known as the ‘Father of Stars.’ He is also viewed as one of the prominent deities of Hindus. Bhaskar, Surya, Ravi, & Arun are some renowned names of lord Sun. He is the beneficial planet in astrology yet can become malefic in case it occupies any adverse position in the horoscope.

Prosperous placement of the Sun in an individual’s horoscope brings power & fame in all fields, including the area of occupation. It has the strength to grant grand political power. Unfavorable placement might make an individual arrogant.


The moon influences us much greater than any of the 9 planets as it is much closure to earth. The effect is very intimate, very personal. While the Sun offers us our spirit, it is the Moon that offers us our soul.

The Moon is known as the queen of the solar system & it naturally beneficial & is capable of providing high mental power & prosperity. The moon talks to the women in an individual’s life & their role as a childminder. Moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer, which is one of the watery signs.


Mars symbolizes power in the Zodiac. The Mars sign specifies what you desire & how you convey that desire. This Planet orders you to rise, be noticed & get stuff done, etc. Ambition & competition are as well under Mars’s realm. Moreover, Mars rule the power & confident expression of the person. Mars is the ruling planet of star signs Scorpio & Aries.


Intellectual, Convertible, Ingenious, Mutable, Feminine, & Dualistic, ‘Planet Mercury’ is very close to the Sun & one of the 4 terrestrial as well as inner planets in the star system.

It is both a beneficial & malefic planet by its very nature depending on its occupied home in one’s zodiac sign or horoscope & link with other planets. The planet Mercury is dual & governs 2 zodiac signs: Virgo & Gemini.

Body parts that are governed by Mercury are the ears, lungs, arms, ear, & nervous system. “Sharat Rithu,” “Atharvanan Veda,” & the “color green” are also ruled by this planet.


Jupiter impacts the thinking capacity of an individual. In astrology, it governs good luck & good cheer, wealth, health, happiness, optimism, joy, & success. It’s a symbol of opportunity & always opens the path for new chances in life. Jupiter is the depreciation of limitation & the emphasis on spirituality & ability.

While our accomplishments, prosperity, & success are all under Jupiter’s realm, its adverse impact can worsen into laziness & sloth. It governs the zodiac signs Pisces & Sagittarius belonging to watery & fire elements, respectively.


Venus is known as the brightest planet in the horoscope. Venus is a womanly planet deemed to be the Goddess of every worldly comfort & chief governor of a wedding in men’s chart. Women & Men ruled by Venus are considerably kind & social. When distressed, Venus creates unsatisfactory domestic situations, anxiety in love, & difficulty with companions through resources.

Venus governs the vehicles. Not only that, it is a soft & polite planet that is a friend with Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, & enemy with Sun, Mars, & Moon. Its Vimshottari Dasha is twenty years & constellations are Purva Phalguni, Bharani, & Purvashadha. It’s lofty in Pisces & debilitated in Virgo.


Shani is the menial in astrology. He portrays sorrow, hard work, servants, old men, & lower-level workers, individuals in the steel & iron industry, municipality & drainage work. A well-placed Saturn might bestow great power, name, prestige, & fame & a badly positioned Saturn might devastate you.

Saturn is the sluggish of the 9 planets & takes nearly 2-1/2 years to pass a sign & completes the circle of the zodiac in thirty years. Saturn is the Udyoga karaka or planet linked with a profession.

8-North Node

This God is known as “Rahu,” resembles Mercury mainly but still differs in traits.

This planet is pretty influential & powerful. Its positioning decides the growth or downfall of an individual. It is also known as “dragon’s head.” Rahu governs the star sign Gemini.

9-South Node

Also known as “Ketu,” which as well means Comet. It is portrayed as having a tail of a snake & an ovular body, as shown in Hindu mythology.

Ketu’s positioning defines the growth or downfall of an individual. It rules the star sign Sagittarius.


Now we know how Planets have a direct effect on us, despite being countless miles away. Whereas the position of planets doesn’t dictate our day-to-day actions, it does have an intense & close impact on our life as well as destiny

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