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What Happens If We Marry Without Kundali Milan?

In astrology, a kundali milan compares the birth charts of two people. To determine whether they are compatible for a committed relationship or marriage. It depends on the idea that a person’s personality, traits, and destiny can be influenced by the planetary placements at the time of birth. In order to determine a relationship’s compatibility and potential problems, kundali matching involves a variety of aspects, such as a number of different factors, including the positions of the planets, interactions with each other, and the alignment of stars and constellations.

What to Consider While Kundali Milan?

Kundali Milan, also known as horoscope matching, is an important aspect of Hindu marriages. To establish their compatibility and assure a happy marriage, it requires comparing the birth charts of the prospective bride and groom. While Kundali Milan is a complex process, there are several important factors to consider when performing this ritual. The planetary alignment at the time of birth has an impact on whether a marriage will be successful. It also has an effect on many different areas of life. 

Given below are some factors to consider when performing horoscope matching for marriage:

Mangal Dosha

The mangal dosha, also known as the manglik dosha, is important in kundali balancing. It has to do with how Mars (Mangal) is positioned in the birth chart in respect to other planets. Additionally, it has an impact on the couple’s time span and marriage. One or both couples having Mangal Dosha may lead to arguments, health issues, or possibly the partner’s death. Remedies might be suggested to mitigate Mangal Dosha’s effects based on how severe it is.

Planetary Positions

In astrology, the key to Kundali matching is the overall planetary alignment in both husbands and wives’ birth charts. It is particularly vital to consider the positions of planets like Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon. They affect a marriage’s emotional ties and aspects of love, romance, compatibility, and lust.

Gunas or Ashtakoota

It is a common practice in horoscope matching to give points, or “gunas,” to certain characteristics of the potential couples’ birth charts. These elements include caste (Varna), dominance (Vashya), birth star (Tara), animal symbol (Yoni), planetary friendship (Graha Maitri), temper (Gana), health (Bhakoot), and pulse (Nadi). There are 36 total gunas, and a higher score indicates greater compatibility. However, most people agree that getting married requires a minimum score of 18.

Dashas and Transits

The timing of different life events, including marriage, can be determined by the dasha cycle, which is a cycle of the planets. It is possible to learn more about the time and possible outcomes of marriage by analyzing the planetary transits and Dasha periods.

Seventh House

Marriage and partnerships are represented by the seventh house in a person’s birth chart. By looking at the planetary placements and aspects in the seventh house, it is possible to acquire insight into the type of connection, compatibility, and potential problems in the marriage.

Personal Factors

The personal characteristics of the people, such as their personality traits, values, beliefs, and hobbies, should also be taken into account when matching horoscopes. In order to create a successful and satisfying marriage, it is crucial to make sure that both partners have a strong understanding and compatibility on a personal level.

Reasons Why Kundali Milan is Important Before Marrying 

In astrology, especially in many cultures around the world, kundali matching before marriage is a widely used practice. Before getting married, some people think about matching horoscopes for a number of reasons:


The Kundali Milan includes detailed information about the compatibility of couples. By looking at both parties’ birth charts, it is possible to determine likely areas of compatibility or incompatibility based on planetary placements and aspects. It can be used to determine whether the potential partners’ personalities, values, way of life, and objectives match well. This is very important for a happy and successful marriage.

Assessing Family Compatibility

Marriage is not only the uniting of two people it also involves the joining of two families as well. Horoscope matching can be used to determine how well a couple’s families get along. It could highlight any potential problems or harmony between the families based on astrological factors, such as the planets’ positions in each person’s birth chart. It might provide enlightening details on the relationships and dynamics between the families involved in the marriage.

Identifying Potential Risks

Horoscope matching can assist in locating any possible dangers or difficulties that might develop in a marriage.It can help you identify things like doshas (malefic planetary combinations) or unfavorable planetary placements. It can help people and their families understand and handle any potential risks or issues related to the birth chart of the potential partner. Also, implement the required safeguards or fixes to lessen any unwanted impacts.

Understanding Personal Traits

Kundali matching can disclose the personality and physical characteristics of potential partners based on their birth charts. It can help people better understand the traits, routines, and behaviors of a potential spouse. The foundation for compatibility and understanding in marriage can be laid through this understanding.

Ensuring Long-term Compatibility

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and Kundali Milan can shed light on how compatible two people will be in the long run. It can show the transits and planetary phases (dashas) that could have an effect on the relationship in the future. This can help to better grasp the marriage’s prospective results. It can assist people in making deliberations about their future relationships with potential partners. Also, it guarantees that the connection has a solid base for lasting harmony.

What happens if you don’t Match Kundali with your Prospective Partners?

According to their birth charts, planetary placements, and astrological aspects, horoscope matching defines the compatibility of the couple. Before getting married, it’s important to match their horoscopes to avoid potential problems. Problems on them, if you don’t match kundali before marriage:

  • Horoscopes that don’t align could cause compatibility problems in a marriage.
  • After marriage, the bride and groom may experience health issues if their horoscopes don’t align. The marriage may experience stress and financial strain as a result of these health difficulties, which may necessitate extensive medical care.
  • The partner may experience problems with their physical, mental, and emotional compatibility, which could have an effect on their relationship and cause arguments.
  • Also, financial difficulties could arise if horoscopes don’t align. Also, it may hinder the bride and groom from progressing professionally. Also, it may result in their experiencing life instability, unhappiness, and financial hardship.
  • The couple and their families can have superstitious ideas if their horoscopes don’t match. The misalignment of horoscopes may be blamed for any unfavorable occurrences or difficulties in their life. Unnecessary fear, anxiety, and tension may result from it.

How can an Astrologer Help you?

Astrologers can provide valuable insight and guidance when it comes to matters of marriage and Kundali Milan, or the matching of horoscopes. Kundali Milan is a traditional practice in Hindu astrology, where the horoscopes of two individuals are matched to determine their compatibility for marriage. Teleastro is the best astrology service provider. Whether you are looking for an astrologer in  Delhi, astrologer in Gurgaon & astrologer in Noida. Teleastro will provide you with a private astrologer who can help you with any problems.

If you marry without Kundali Milan, an astrologer can still help you by analyzing your individual horoscopes and offering advice on how to navigate potential challenges in the marriage. They can also provide guidance on how to strengthen the relationship and improve communication. Additionally, an astrologer can offer insight into the timing of important events in the marriage, such as the birth of children or career changes.

However, it’s important to note that astrology is not a substitute for communication and compromise in a marriage. While Kundali Milan and astrology can provide insight into potential challenges, it’s ultimately up to the individuals in the marriage to work together to build a strong and healthy relationship.