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Possibilities Of Having Government Jobs According To Your Signs

Getting a government job is a dream come true. A government job brings with it some much-needed stability, security, and safety. But is a government job actually on your cards? You probably have questions like – Will I get a government job in the future? How shall I secure a government job for myself? running through your mind. But worry not, astrology has a habit of finding ways when there’s none. Read on to find out astrological predictions for government jobs and more!

A government job is one of the highly sought-after jobs in India. No matter how less the compensation might be, government jobs provide employees with stability and security that pays off long after they have retired or stopped working. Today there are more than a million aspirants looking for a good government job to secure their future. This cutthroat competition has pushed hundreds of educated and literate students into  unemployment.

Students are encouraged from their school years to work hard for a government job. Government job aspirants leave no stone unturned when it comes to hard work, determination, time, and energy. But is working for it enough? If you have been preparing for exams perfectly and giving it your all but the job is still out of your reach, then maybe your efforts are not working out for you. Get Free Astrology Consultation On Phone.

A job is a necessity for survival and livelihood. Without a secure job, people might find themselves in unenviable positions. If you have suitable placements in your horoscope or kundli, or if you have the appropriate astrology for getting a government job, you should keep working hard and pursue a government job, but if your planets have a malefic placement in your horoscope, you should probably look for jobs in private organizations.

Jobs are very important for both professional success and prosperity. A good career choice can ensure long-term stability and success for an individual. For instance, a person with high marks but no guidance about their career will go for a career that doesn’t suit his/her talents and skills. On the other hand, an individual with a good planetary placement in horoscope and proper guidance will be able to opt for a job suitable for them. This will bring them mental peace and contentment. Without astrological guidance one may waste too much time trying their best for a job unsuitable for them. Read on to know more about your astrology for jobs, especially government ones.

The position of planets can have a huge influence on a person’s ability to get a government job. Let’s find out more about the planets and their impact on an individual’s professional career.

Planets like the Sun and the Moon play an important role in deciding whether a person will have a government job or not. These two royal planets in astrology can determine your professional career, especially when it comes to government jobs. The sun is known as the king of the solar system and represents the government. If you are consulting an astrologer, make sure you enquire about the position of the sun in your horoscope or kundli. When the Sun is placed on Amatyakaraka planet, a government job is highly likely.

Saturn is also a planet that plays an important role in choosing and committing to a career. Unlike the Sun, Saturn actually signifies karaka for a career. It doesn’t matter what a person’s career choice is, if Saturn is not in a favourable position, they will not be able to succeed in their career. Like we already mentioned, the Moon has a role to play in your house of career too. In the charts of bureaucrats, the Moon remains dominant. And you will find that it often assists the Sun. Strong influences of both the Moon and the Sun increase your chances of getting a government job.

If you are planning on getting a government job in the police or defense department, you should pay attention to the placement of Mars in your chart. A favourable Mars will help you get a government job in the police and defense department, while a favourable Jupiter will help you land a government job in the educational department. Consult with Best Astrologer In Noida.

The tenth house in a horoscope denotes personal achievement and recognition. If you have a strong 10th house and a favourable 10th lord, you might successfully become an IAS or IPS. Sun gets even more directional energy when it resides in the tenth house, thus if you have a strong Sun in your 10th house you will definitely get a government job. The sixth house denotes the services and jobs of an individual and can thus also represent your chances of getting a job. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have good chances of getting a government job too.

To get a good government job, you should not just study and work hard, you should also pay attention to the influences some planets can have on your horoscope. This will help you direct your energy and effort towards the right career choice.

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