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Play Holi as Per Your Zodiac Sign

Holi is a popular Hindu festival that is celebrated primarily in India and Nepal. It is additionally known as the “color festival” or the “love festival.” Holi is held on the full moon day during the Hindu month of Phalguna which falls in February or March. Let zodiac signs gems grace your Holi this year! 

The festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the coming of spring. Holi is a cultural celebration that brings people together and is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.  Zodiac signs gems will shimmer like the colors of Holi! 

When Is Holi this year? 

Holi will be marked on March 8, a Wednesday this year. Holika Dahan will actually occur on March 7th. Purnima Tithi begins on March 7 at 4:17 p.m. and ends on March 8 at 6:09 p.m., according to Drik Panchang. 

Holi Tips for Each Zodiac Sign in India  

The article will describe all the ideal activities to be done by all the zodiac signs on Holi this year. 

1. Aries

Mars rules the sign of Aries. The Rams are best represented by the color red. They can combine red with pink, yellow, as well as white because it is a color of prosperity for Aries, enhancing their life and bringing happiness. Jupiter, the friendly planet, is responsible for these additional colors. On this festive day, the Moon is transiting Virgo. As a result, prior to actually playing with your friends, you should apply tilak to Lord Ganesha. 

2. Taurus

Taurian can participate in Holi using blue, green, white, as well as golden colors. However, avoid dark colors and opt for lighter colors over dark ones. You can get gemstones for zodiac signs to balance the effect. Venus, widely recognized as the deity of beauty and love, rules Taurus. It is drawn to all bright and basic colors. However, it is preferable to enjoy Holi with natural color extracted directly from flowers. Bring argh to Lord Sun before engaging in color-game. It will aid in attracting good fortune.  

3. Gemini

Mercury is in charge of these split-personality homo-sapiens. As a result, they might have a preference for the color green. For Holi, the twin may as well use navy blue, Turkish blue, mint green, as well as pear green. Always choose natural, eco-friendly colors. It is recommended that you take a trip to Shiv Temple with your family before beginning Holi rituals, and then begin playing with the colors you get from the temple. 

4. Cancer

Cancer people enjoy entertaining guests at their homes and may have made all necessary arrangements well in advance. They prefer to play Holi with colored water rather than simple, dry-colored powder. They would be the perfect hosts for the day, providing delicious food which everyone would enjoy. 

5. Leo

Lions, who are born under the governing planet sun, never miss an opportunity to dominate a situation. They are born declamatory. Leo prefers saffron, red, pink, and green, as well as light yellow tones, so they can wear any or all of them. Before going to the Holi festival, make an argh to Lord Surya with kumkum. After worship, the first thing you should do is touch your father’s feet and play Holi with him. This will lessen the impact of a bad omen. 

6. Virgo

Mercury is a powerful planet. Virgins are perfectionists who communicate well. Because they enjoy all hues of blues and greens, they could use green, sapphire blue, and sky blue for one’s celebratory enjoyment. These colors will also bring you luck and prosperity. Prior to actually landing on Holi ground, don’t forget to offer tilak to Lord Ganesha as well as seek his blessings. Beginning your Holi festivities with your role model is a great idea for Virgo.  

7. Libra

Vibrant Scales are drawn to all tints and colors. Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, rules over them. Pink, white, blue, and other bright colors are lucky for Libra. Starting a Holi ceremony with your soul mate will help you begin a fresh journey of commitment and love. If you are not able to marry, worship a girl child as a deity, touch her feet, and apply gulaal to her. Additionally, gemstones for zodiac signs will bring you good fortune. 

8. Scorpio

Scorpions are water elements, so they prefer aquatic environments. Although Scorpio enjoys playing with colors, they must refuse to play Holi with water in order to bring good fortune. They could use strawberry red, rose red, crimson, and white to invite wealth when playing Holi. But before you get soiled with your favorite colors, you must worship Lord Hanuman as well as offer him saffron. 

9. Sagittarius

Jupiter has an impact on archers. Sagittarius benefits from all hues of yellow, red, and saffron. Archers should first approach their teacher or mentor with gulaal. If you do not have a teacher or mentor nearby, you can begin your Holi celebration by worshipping Lord Shiva as your educator as well as a mentor. 

10. Capricorn

Saturn rules goats and Saturn dislikes the color black. As a result, Capricorn should avoid this color. For Holi, they can use other vivid colors including blue, white, sky blue, as well as green. Before taking part in the Holi festival, the goat should color Lord Krishna. Radha-Krishna is the epitome of romance, as well as the Holi festival would be incomplete if their Holi stories were not told. 

11. Aquarius:

Because Saturn also ruled over water bearers, Aquarius should avoid wearing black. In their Holi celebration, people could use turquoise, white, and purple, as well as Lilac. You should go to the Shani temple as well as try to give Lord Shani blue gulaal and Abeer for good fortune. If there are no Shani temples in your area, you can take a trip to Shiv temple and seek his grace by giving away blue gulaal. 

12. Pisces

Jupiter rules the water element Pisces. As a result, Fish should select Jupiter-friendly colors for the Holi Utsav. Pisces should wear caramel yellow, fire yellow, lime yellow, magenta, blush red, and white. This will increase their level of happiness. Before getting into the Holi spirit, fish should bring turmeric to Lord Vishnu. 


Lastly, gemstones for zodiac signs are really fun to wear while enjoying this festival. Holi, the festival of colors is a celebration of joy and festivity! This vibrant event brings together people from all walks of life in India and other parts of the world. During Holi, participants smear each other with bright powders, also known as gulaal, while also splashing one another with colored water. Holi also carries a deep spiritual significance in Hindu mythology by commemorating various stories focused on themes of sibling love and human-divine relationships.  

Add a tradition of wearing or having zodiac signs gems to celebrate this colorful holiday. It contains cheerful music, delicious food, and dancing to its fun-filled spirit. There is excitement in the air as people take part in the festivities by singing and chanting along with laughter that can be heard for miles! Without question, Holi is a remarkable event full of wonderful yet unique experiences that must be seen to understand its true power! Contact a genuine astrologer in Delhi NCR to know more!